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| Cigar Care & Storage |

​Cigars being like any other plant deteriorate over the course of time if not your do not take the proper care, storage and maintenance of them. Here is when the famous humidors come into the picture.

What are the correct temperature and humidity levels?

Cigars are product of the Caribbean, so naturally do best in a tropical climate. The determined and suggested storage is best achieved at a temperature of 70°F and a humidity level between 65% - 70%.

Extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and humidity levels (high or low) can drastically affect your cigars. At high temperatures +80°F or at high humidity levels, the tobacco beetle can hatch and begin boring its way through the cigar. The microscopic larvae are embedded in the leaf and high temps or humidity allow them to hatch and destroy any cigar they are in. When the beetle starts infecting your cigars you'll see the holes and every cigar which has these problems must be discarded. Check all other cigars in the same box or pack carefully and make sure they are stored in a new or different container before returning them to your humidor. Many cigar enthusiasts keep their cigars in their cellophane wrappers to protect against the spread of beetles.

What humidor should you acquire?

Any container which has a good seal and can incorporate a sponge or other humidification device can be used. ​All humidors should close tightly and if lined with wood, must use Spanish cedar. Not all humidors come with humidifiers, so you need to check before buying. If you need to buy a humidifier separately, be sure to acquire one with require a special propylene glycol solution and which uses simple distilled water.


We suggest to keep your humidor away from sunlight or hot environments, in order to keep temperatures down.

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